Posted by: denmanrandonneur | November 20, 2008

Workshop update

The doors took ages to build, considering how fast everything else has happened over the past 4.5 month, but at last they are hung! 🙂 They are a very simple design (Z doors), but a lot of time went into milling the wood, cutting, sanding, more sanding, staining, sanding, and finally 3 coats of hand rubbed Danish oil. The finish turned out beautifully for the most part. One door was 36×80, the bottom half of the dutch door was 35×39 an 7/8 with a nice counter. and the top half of the dutch door was the same as the bottom, without the counter. I’ll be posting pictures soon. Today felt like a milestone ~ I got the doors on before winter – my original goal. Now the rest can happen when it does and I don’t have any more timelines to meet from the beginning of the build. I’m sure that I will put timelines on certain parts that I am doing, but getting the doors on was that last goal that I was shooting for. Now comes the fun stuff that requires more concentration and detail.

I’ll be posting some pictures shortly as the shop has changed quite a bit since the last pictures were posted.

Going to sleep without a deadline in his mind.

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