Posted by: denmanrandonneur | November 23, 2008

riding and shop talk

I was out the door and on the pedals at 7:30.  Peter swung by and we rode at a good clip to the ferry.  East Rd was nice and fast and we put in a good effort on the hills going across the island.  At the bottom of the big hill, Peter passed me tucked down on his TT bars.  I drafted him the whole way to the ferry.  It was a nice morning and the riding good.  Breakfast at the Altas and the ride back.  When I hit Union Bay, my legs were getting heavy and Peter pulled away.  He got a ways and circled back to make sure it was his sheer strength and not anything mechanical on my end.  Told him to go for it and I’d meet him at the ferry.  We’re talking about 8-9 kms at best.  Just after he pulled away, I felt the slightest hint of spongyness in my back tire.  I always keep my tires at 115 psi because they are fast and rock hard.  I’m pretty careful when I ride and try to avoid a lot of the roadside debris.  To be honest, the tires are near the very end of their life.  They have a few good size spits and are bald – straight slick!  They probably have 7-8000 kms on them and I’ve been meaning to change them … anyways, I got a slow leak just after Peter left and I limped all the way back to the ferry.  Good food, ride and even better conversation.

In the afternoon, Peter dropped by to see the shop as I wanted his opinion on the doors.  The big door as a cusp at the top, near the middle of the opening. I learnt that wood can move A LOT.   He checked out the shop and liked what he saw, which meant a lot to me as this guy is a GREAT builder and even better person.  It sounds like he was building up in Whistler just around the time it was starting to take off.  He’s also a great kayaker, and does the kayak leg in the Snow to Surf race.  He’s been doing that for at least 20 years now.  He also brought over 10 liters of apple juice that he had just pressed on Friday.  In exchange I gave him a big bag of sawdust and we were both happy.  These are the kind of things that make living on Denman Island so … I hate to say it, but magical.  Kind of reminds me of the Shire in Lord of the Rings.

Tomorrow I have to go down to the bakery and see what needs to be finished off.  I didn’t take any pictures of it before we worked on it, but I’ll take some tomorrow and show you the last place I helped build.  We finished up in the middle of July and I’ve been working on my shop ever since.  There is a back room there that I think they want finished – insulation, vapor barrier and drywall – maybe paint?  Pretty quick and straight forward.

Time to start packing it in, but Billy has been wanting a pic of the road bike.  I’ll get one in the next day or 2 and post it here, but to tide you over


The Rocky on race day

The Rocky on race day


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