Posted by: denmanrandonneur | November 25, 2008

Outside inside

The day started early with going down to the bakery and taking a look at what needs to be done.  We basically have to close in a back room and shouldn’t take to long.  I took some pictures of the outside of the bakery and will try to get some inside shots when I go back.

It took about an hour and then headed over to Fillongley Park and walked the trails.  The storm on Friday brought down most of the leaves so the late morning/afternoon was spent doing trail work.  I love spending time in the park and today was very grounding.  There was a lot of bird chatter and the fugus and mushrooms are popping out everywhere. There was a faint wind blowing through the forest but the skies above were blue.  Down at the beach, the wind was blowing stronger and there was a hint of whitecaps.

In the late afternoon and evening I milled the wood (table saw and planer) for the door and window trim for the front of the building.  I sanded it to 100 grit and will break the edges tomorrow and sand up to about 220 grit.

I spent about an hour or so checking out John Caldeira website and it is well worth the visit.  He has built about 6 kayaks (all beautifully done) and has logged the builds.  We worth the click if this type of stuff interests you.

I have to figure out how to work with pictures rather than putting them in all at the end like this.  Anyways, here are some pics from today.

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