Posted by: denmanrandonneur | November 27, 2008

bought the 1st material for the kayak

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to write because I needed to crash early.  I’m a guy that likes my sleep when I can get it.  I average about 5-6 hours a night, so when I can sneek in a nap …  In the morning I went to see Tai’s teacher and got an update on his report card.  Good comments all around from Karla, his teacher, and I saw Tai read from a book by himself for the 1st time.  I was a pretty proud papa.  After the interview, we went down to Fillongley Park and hiked the trails for an hour.  The rest of the day I was in the shop putzing around.

Today was a town day and caught the 8:40am ferry after dropping Tai off at school.  We hit Tim Horton’s first as I don’t often get the chance to have a cup of their coffee – yeah, I know, I’m too Canadian.  Norie and Ekou went grocery shopping and I went to Island Woodcraft Supplies in Comox and picked up some honing compound finally.  I’ve been looking all over the Comox Valley and nobody else carries it.  It was also nice because they had a shitload off Robert Sorby and Pfeil chisels, although they didn’t have the bench chisels that I was looking for. I did get a really nice Robert Sorby brochure and it’s funny because I got all excited.  This is what has become of me when I can get excited about getting a chisel brochure.  I recently bid on a few Robert Sorby chisels on ebay, but didn’t win.  I’ll keep watching ebay and hope that something pops up as I would like to get a decent set of bench chisels.

Next I hit Home Depot and got 2 cans of spray glue.  I will be needing this for cutting the stations on the kayak.  I’ll cut out the stations from the plan, glue them onto particle board and use the jig saw and band saw to cut them out.  I looked at their plywood and particle board, but decided to pass and the 3/4″ ply were all wavy – good price though.  Next I hit Central Builders and it was more expensive and their plywood was even uglier than HD.  Pass.  I went to check out Windsor Plywood for the first time and was pretty impressed.  Their prices were between HD and Central Builders, but the quality was much nicer.  They also had some nice hardwoods there and I couldn’t resist picking up a piece of Mahogany 1″x8″x7′  To top it off, I picked up 5 clamps, and some poly wipe finish.  

I now have the plywood for the strongback, the particle board for the stations, and glue for stations from the plans.  Next, I need to build some sawhorses to support the kayak and have contacted someone about a design, more details to follow on that later.

Tonight I cut the top window trim and sanded it up to 220.  All I have to do now is cut the door trim to size and start staining tomorrow.  I have fire department practice tomorrow evening and bus driving of Friday, so hopefully I can get some oil on it in between.

I created a page at the top for the Cape Ann Storm page that I will be using as I progress along with the build.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days.



  1. I have seen the video on youtube featuring the kayak construction..
    it is really some impressive work.
    Also the kayak picture in your header looks really great ..
    It is a shame you don’t have more photos of construction and final result here on the blog…
    Impressive work, will be sure to follow ..

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