Posted by: denmanrandonneur | November 27, 2008

It’s almost December

Today’s pace was pretty relaxed.  I cut the door and window trim down to size, sanded the ends and Norie stained all the pieces.  I went down to Fillongley Park and walked through the park.  You can feel winter in the air these days and it got down below freezing last night.  When I got back, I painted some screw clamps black and will put them on the main post.  The afternoon was spent changing my rear tube and tire on my road bike.  I would have liked to change the front tire as well, but I need to get a couple of long stem tubes – (I can pop into a bike shop on Saturday’s ride).  I also took the Brooks saddle of it and put on the Stella Ti Flite.  I really like the comfort of the Brooks, but damn is it heavy.  They have a racing bike seat now with ti rails that looks really nice, but it’s over $200!  Here’s some pictures for ya Billy.

It looks like the blog got a lot of hits today. Someone at the Fire Hall tonight said that they had been here.  I introduced myself on the Kayak Building Forum and was asking about sawhorses.  I just checked and over there now and there are a few responses .  Mick at lives fairly near and gave some good advice.  I’ve been to his site numerous times and he has some great wallpaper.  He also has a lot of trip reports from places around this general area and one is on Sandy Island, which is just off the north tip of Denman Island at high tide.  You can walk over the sandbar to get there at low tide. I’ll have to get back to him later.

I also introduced myself on the Sawmill Creek Woodworkers Forum.  It has been a daily hit for at least a year.  Like the Kayak Building BB, I signed up a long time ago, but haven’t posted anything until today.  I also asked about sawhorse there and hopefully something will pop up from these, but I also have an idea in my head forming…  Another place that I’ve hit a lot in the last few months is The WoodenBoat Forum and finally joined today. I’ll try posting there as well.

Tomorrow I have to drive the school bus, so I’m calling it an early night.  Time to snuggle up with the kids.



  1. Great lookin’ progress, my friend. What a great little shop you’re getting together. The Pinarello has a nice, safe shelter now.

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