Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 1, 2008

fog hunkered down today

When the light broke, the fog was hunkered down and drizzle was falling.  We decided to start at the bakery tomorrow, so that gave me the day to work in the shop.  Bonus!  We finished the trim early and were able to put up the outside door and window trim by 12:30pm after letting it dry.  After lunch we got a lot of the shingles put up on the front, under the roof.  There’s still a bit to do around one of the light mounts and a couple of rows at the very top that will have to be cut and fitted individually.  Dad did the trimming around the light mounts and he did a really good job.  I’ll have to get some pictures of them when I get some better weather.  Norie and I were moving pretty quickly as a team and were happy when we stood back at the end and looked at what we had done.  On top of this, Norie found time to oil a couple of doors that I’ve had sitting in a corner of the shop for a couple of months.  They still need some work, but they will be hung in the house before Christmas.  There, I just wrote it so now I have to do it!  Call me on it if I haven’t done it by Christmas!

Tonight we went to see a slideshow presentation by Lloyd Kahn, author of Builders of the Pacific Coast.  It was held here on the island at the Senior’s Hall and it was packed.  He spoke for about an hour and then answered some questions and signed books.  He kinda looked like David Crosby and was able to hold an audience. I like it when he spoke about his early years when he was in San Francisco during the early 60’s.  Since I’ve pretty much read the book cover to cover several times, I knew the background on a lot of the pictures that he showed.  What was nice was seeing them so big!  Ekou fell asleep in the truck on the way there and I had to hold him the whole time.  I think the kid is eating rocks for breakfast as he is getting heavy.

Here’s your dose of pictures …


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