Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 3, 2008

shingles fighting the daylight

Yesterday I worked down at the bakery and then got a few rows of shingles up on the front of the workshop.  I had to call it a day for outside by 4:30pm because it was getting to dark to see while working.  A few more weeks and the days will start getting longer again.  After dinner we got the other side of the doors oiled and put up to dry.  The shop got cleaned just to get dirty again today.  After work today I finished off the shingles on the front, under the roof.  Standing back it looks good.  There was a few offcuts that I trimmed up after it got too dark to work outside.  I’m just getting this updated and I’ll be heading back to the shop.  

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I have to run into town and then Fire Department in the evening.  I must mention that Norie moved the woodpile that as on the side of the shop.  There is spruce, fir and plywood offcuts that add up to a nice little stash pile.  I have a few ideas for that wood down the road.  Anyways, she moved the woodpile so that we could have access to the side wall to shingle at the top.  I know that I am such a lucky dog to have such a great wife.  

I was so stoked that I got a poster from Lloyd Khan’s reading on Monday night.  I dropped by the bookstore this afternoon and they said that Lloyd had left some promotional posters that are way cool.  I’ll be hanging it in the shop soon.

I’ll be sharing a few links soon of the places that I’ve been to on the web – there are some cool sites out there!

Here are a few shots taken yesterday.  This was the first time I was in the cafe/bakery since we finished it in July.


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