Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 5, 2008

Town day

No pictures today. I wish I had the camera as the look on Ekou’s face when we went to the cedar shake mill.  I think one of his first 2 word phrase was “big truck”.  He gets really excited when he sees eagles, big trucks and trains.  They were unloading logs from a truck when we were picking up the cedar shingles and he didn’t know which way to turn his head.  The big truck and crane were to the right, but the forklift with the pallet of shingles was close and to the left.  It was priceless.

I picked up a cane bolt and latch for the door and hope to get them on tomorrow night.  I also went to Black’s Cycle and picked up some tubes.  When I first got back from Japan, I checked out the bike shops in the Comox Valley and found Black’s Cycle.  They were carrying Rocky Mountain (which I had for the past 15+ years) and were soon to carry Pinarello‘s.  It’s one of those places that feels right when you walk in.  I’ve been in a lot of bike shops and this is one of the one’s that you wish was you regular local shop.  Great bikes with lots of eye candy and even better people.  Les has helped me out more than a couple of times and is the only place that carries 60mm stem tubes.  I was looking at profile bars and they are around $145.  A bit pricy for another position on your bike and the extra weight.  I feel comfortable when I get on the bottom of the drops and really tuck down, but I haven’t really had the chance to use profile bars.  For some reason I think it would take me a while to get used to them.  On my bikes, I get them dialed in and try to keep them that way.  I like the idea of profile bars but I don’t want to have to adjust my seat or stem, so we’ll see.  I was talking with Peter at the Fire Department tonight an he said that he had an extra pair and might be willing to let them go at a decent price.

This afternoon I got some work done on the outside of the shop.  I unloaded the shingles and cleaned up the front area.  Raking can do wonders. This evening I went to the weekly Fire Department practice and we got to practice live fire fighting.  We have a big metal storage container that we can set fires in to practice.  We got the SCBA (air packs) on and got to go in a few times and knock down the fire.  Good training and an adrenalin rush for sure.  Tomorrow I have to drive the school bus and should get ready for bed now.  Have a good one!



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