Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 6, 2008

Bike talk

It’s midnight and I’m finally getting some time to sit down in front of the computer.  I drove the school bus today and had a great time.  I basically go around the island twice in the morning, and twice in the afternoon with about 4 hours in between. Neil has been coming with me and helping me out a lot.  It doesn’t seem like it’s a difficult job, but there are a lot of little things that you need to know, then there are the students.  They seem like a good bunch of kids.  I really like this job and look forward to seeing where it goes.

I got a few shingles up around the exhaust vent and then my neighbour came over for a chat.  He must be around 80 and has some great stories.  We checked out the shop as he hasn’t really been over much during the summer and I gave him the nickel tour.  Tonight I stoked the fire and went over to a friend’s place to check out a set of bike rollers that he made.  One work ~ SLICK!  I gave it a go and it takes some getting used to.  I found that if I didn’t look down, I had a better chance of staying up.  My friend has it mastered and went through at the positions smoothly.  He just upgrade his Time Trial Bars (TT Bars) to some sweet carbon fiber jobbies and had his Profile TT Bars sitting on his bench.  I’m going to give them a try and see I want to buy them.  I’ve never had TT Bars on a bike, although I rode with bar ends for few years.  When I got back, I changed the tube on the front tire, pumped it up and put it on the bike.  I then played around the the TT Bars and got a position that I hope will be close to what I want out of them.  I think it will take a few adjustments to get dialed in, but I have a lot of time before the race.

Here’s a few bike links for ya from my good friend, Billy  A Japanese site with a bunch of pictures of fixed gear bikes  Winter riding in the cold!

This weekend is the Christmas Craft Faire on Denman Island and a pretty big event.  I’ll try to get down there in the afternoon, but it really depends on how cold and wet I am and how inviting the bed looks.  I can always go down on Sunday morning if a nap just can’t be avoided

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