Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 6, 2008

Good ride today

I’m tired.  There were 8 of us on the ferry at 8:00am and Kevin from Ladysmith met us on the Buckley Bay side.  I had some pep in my legs early on and got going up the first long big hill at a pretty good pace.  A couple of guys caught up  and I decided to drop it and took off.  I still don’t have legs I need for the race, but each week I am feeling a little stronger.  By the top of the hill we were back together and were going at a good pace.  I got to get down and use the TT Bars and I liked what I felt.  I thought that I would feel cramped up in the mid section, but it was actually really comfortable.  You definitely go faster using them and use less energy.  If you climb down in the TT position, you feel you legs doing more of the work than when you are in your drops.  Jim was delayed at the ferry but caught up to us and dropped us hard.  Damn, that guy can ride.  Coming back we hit a little rain coming out of Courtenay, and rode at a comfortable pace.  When I got home I was cold, wet and tired.  Yep, nap time!  My legs are still tired!

Tomorrow I”ll go down to Christmas Craft Faire then try to get some work done in the shop.  The bike is filthy and will need a cleaning … maybe Tai wants to make a little coin tomorrow … 

I found this  picture at West Coast Paddler … soon …



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