Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 7, 2008

Weekend doings

Today just seemed to flow smoothly.  I got up without the alarm clock and got out to the shop early to do a little cleaning up.  I had breakfast with my parents as everyone else was asleep and a Sunday morning breakfast is just too hard to pass up.  After breakfast I went down to the Craft Fair and did a little Christmas shopping.  It was actually pretty good this year and a lot of local and local off island vendors were there.  There was a blacksmith couple there from Merville (on of the areas that border Courtenay) that had some really nice stuff.  They had a dragon door handle that was incredible!  Now I like dragons probably as much as the next person (I’ve read Lord of the Rings a few times), but the idea of putting one on a door never crossed my mind.  But damn, this was a nice door handle that would work really well with the front doors I have.  The kicker was that is was almost $400, and well worth it just for its workmanship and originality.  They had a few other door handles and I found one that I really liked and bought it.  I’m really happy with it because I like it, it’s locally handmade, and the price was right.  I’ve looked around the net and the stores in town and this is the one that caught my eye and opened my wallet.

In the afternoon, my dad and I put up one of the outside window trims for the back window and planned our assault on the shingling (which we’ll start tomorrow).  I figure we can get the side wall done, as well as the back wall and maybe even be able to start on the window side tomorrow.  That will give us most of the week to do above the front roof and side with windows. I also got around to tweeking the doors and I drilled the hole through the door for the bar that connects the inside and outside knob handles for the door.  After that I mounted the cane bolt at the bottom of the Dutch door and drilled a hole in the cement floor for the cane bolt to drop into.  It works really well and I know have 2 out of 3 doors lockable.  I would have mounted the deadbolt to the top dutch door that will drop into a drilled hole that will be in the ‘counter’ part of the bottom dutch door, but I had to paint it black and it isn’t dry yet.

Found a little time to do some surfing today and here’s what I found …

Woodtreks – a video blog site for wood working – some neat posts on sharpening

For your Tour de France needs, wants and desires  

Spent some time looking at the chisels at Japan Woodworker today

I really like the Ashley Iles chisels and hope Santa brings some for me …

Here are some pics taken over the weekend – I’ll post more of the door soon.


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