Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 11, 2008

Shingles and moving tools

Yesterday we got a lot of the shingles done on the window side wall.  I have a couple of more rows to do at the top to get me past the soffiting.  After that I’ll just have the shingles on the front gable and I’ll be done for a while.  I’ll put up the shingles on the back gable after I get the back lean-to roof built in the spring.  After that I”ll just have to put the plywood on the back wall, in the loft.  When I get to that point, I’ll be in a position to work on other things for a few months rather than working on the workshop.  

Today I moved around some of the tools and cleaned the shop.  I’ll still playing with how I want to set up the shop workflow, and I have to keep in mind that I need an 18~20 feet area for the kayak.  I hope to get down to Victoria and get some cedar for the strips sometime late next week, but I still have to build a rack for the truck so that I can carry it.  Tomorrow I have to drive the school bus, Saturday is riding day if it doesn’t snow (which they are calling for) and in the afternoon/evening is the Fire Department Christmas party.  I’m hoping to get in some shop time and maybe finishing off the shingles on the side and maybe start on the gable.

Yesterday I placed an order with amazon and I hope the books get here before Christmas … I might as well let you know what I’ll be reading this winter …

Lettercarving in Wood

The Strip Built Sea Kayak

Blazing Saddles: The Cruel and Unusual History of the Tour de France ~ gift

  How to Draw 101 Animals ~ gift

The Boatbuilder’s Apprentice 

Making Japanese-Style Lamps and Lanterns

Handbook of Knots

Kayakcraft: Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction

How to Carve Wood: A Book of Projects and Techniques

Making Wood Signs

Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own

Canoecraft: An Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction

The Complete Guide to Sharpening

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery

I also picked up 3 Shapton waterstones (1000, 5000, 8000)

Here are some pictures …



  1. Hello! John!

    I’ve not seen you so while but, how have you been!?

    I’ve never imagined that you’re crafting canoes and kayaks after you leavin’ Japan!

    Please e-mail me if you remember me. I’d like to keep in touch with you.

    I’ve never seen John mo-mo for a while. I’ve kicked TNG last year and changed school in Tokyo.

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