Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 27, 2008

The first strips have been cut

Christmas came and went leaving a trail of happiness and and many inches of snow.  It felt like a Christmas when I was a kid and went to my grandparents place in the country and there was tons of snow.  I’m glad that Tai & Ekou got to experience a white Christmas at their age.  Many years in the future, they may remember this Christmas.

Not much time was spent in the shop on Christmas Day and I was in bed by 7:30pm with a full tummy. I did manage to install a bench vise that Santa brought and get a fire going.  I was tired from the run up to Christmas and called it an early night.  Yesterday, we more than made up for slaking off  on Christmas 😉 and got a lot done.  I put up a couple of coat hangers that Norie got from the same blacksmith that made the front door handle.  After that we decided to finish the last section of wall up in the loft.  It was only 5 pieces but there were a lot of cuts.  Looks pretty good and Norie later cleaned the loft and there is a lot of floor space up there.  She wants to make a kids area, so I guess a better latter is in store down the road … just add it to the list of things to do …

After dinner we started on ripping down the cedar.  I had 2  1″x6″ beautiful pieces of Western Yellow Cedar and got 15 strips out of each 12 feet long.  This wood is from the Queen Charlotte Islands and is very tight grain and no knots.  These strips are a tad over 1/4″ thick and an inch wide.  I have to cut them down to about 5/8″, but will probably do that at the end.  It was pretty late when I we turned off the shop lights but I was smiling.

Today we cut 2 pieces of Western Red Cedar, both 17 feet long.  One was a 2×3 and the other was a 2×4 piece.  We got 20 strips out of the 2×3 and 25 strips out of the 2×4.  One of the pieces has a nice gradation from dark to light and a few strips have some funky looking grain patterns near the end.  It will be interesting to see what happens to these strips.  Right now I have 30 12 strips of Western Yellow Cedar ad 45 strips of Western Red Cedar 17 feet in length.  Last night I was feeding the wood while Norie was at the blade keeping the the against the fence  and Tai was lifting the wood on to the sawhorse that I was using as an outfeed table.  The strips came out nice and uniform and we had a pretty good system going.  This morning I tweeked the system and clamped a strip of plywood from the table saw to the sawhorse making a runway for the strips.  Tomorrow my dad and I will cut 3 pieces, a Western Red Cedar 2×3 20 feet long, a Western Red Cedar 2×8 20 feet long and a Western Yellow Cedar 2×8 16 feet long.  I’m figuring we can get about 120 strips out of them and should have enough strips for almost 2 boats.

Here are some random pictures taken over the past few days …


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