Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 29, 2008

203 strips


I got into the shop a little after 7 and had it fairly warm by the time Norie and dad showed up.  After getting the fire going I emptied the dust collector bag and got things ready before breakfast.  We first started on 14 foot 2×8 and got 55 strips out of it.  Norie was at the blade again while my dad was running end to end helping support as I fed the wood.  We quickly got into a pattern and I think it took us a little less than an hour.  Next was a 20 foot 2×8 and we got 30 strips out of it before calling it lunch time.  After lunch we got another 23 and change out of the remaining plank. It was the only piece that had a little damage and I was pleasantly surprized at how little was there was.  Last was a 20 foot 2×3 that produced 20 strips.  All of today’s wood was beautifully grained and there is a nice graduation of dark to light on some of the strips.  I actually like the look of them more than the uniform colour.  I wrote all of this down in my “shop book” that Norie gave me for Christmas and now know how many strips I can get out of a given size of board.  This will be handy to look back on in the future.  The grand total was 203 strips ~ 85 Yellow Cedar and 118 Red Cedar.  The plans for the kayak say that it needs 86 strips, so we’ll see … a canoe?

Found a few good sites over the last week, so I’ll share them with you.  Open Ocean Productions has a beautifully done sealife video.  Well worth checking out!  The Wild Coast has put out some interesting looking kayaking guide books.  I was again pleasantly surprised to see a detailed map of Denman Island, Hornby Island and Comox/Courtenay in the ‘sample’.  I’ve been going to West Coast Paddler for quite a while now and finally decide to join their forum.  There is a lot of information shared and I really like that it is fairly local.  I think I’ll do progress/build report over there as well with this site having more details and pictures.  Should be interesting.

Pictures before bed…


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