Posted by: denmanrandonneur | January 4, 2009

Stations cut out & Happy New Year

Since I last posted I’ve been doing a lot of reading and enjoying the holidays with the family and friends.  Norie and I went out for the first time on New Year’s Eve since Tai was born and had a great time dancing the night/year away at the Community Hall.  After relaxing a bit, it was time to get back in the workshop and start making some sawdust.  Yesterday I decided that it was time to start cutting out the form and moving the project forward.  I probably spent almost an hour cutting out the stations from the plans with scissors and it wasn’t until the last station or 2 that I realized that I could cut them out with an exacto knife a lot quicker than with scissors.  Now I know!

After all the paper forms were cut out it was time to lay them out on a sheet of 5/8th inch particle board and glue them down.  I used Elmer’s Spray Adhesive and the first couple I put a little too much on and it soaked through the paper in a few spots.  I eased up a bit with the glue and continued with the rest and had about 2 feet of leftover particleboard at the end.  There are 19 stations plus the bow and stern.  Just as I was finishing up gluing them down, a couple of neighbours came by to check out the shop and see how the progress on the kayak was doing.  I was glad that I had something to show them 🙂  This was perfect timing as I needed to let the glue dry for a couple of hours before starting to cut them out.

After dinner I was back up in the shop and I started cutting out the first station with a jigsaw.  I found that the blade was pulling up the paper from the station around the edges so I got Norie to rough cut them out and I continued cutting them out on the bandsaw.  Let me say that the bandsaw is the way to go if you have one or have access to one –  tt cuts very accurately!  It went slower that I had expected because I was taking my time to make sure the cuts were right the first time.  I got about half of them cut (the outside borders) and called it a night around 11:30pm.  This morning I was back up there and finished cutting the rest of them.  I still have to cut out the centers of them where they slide onto the strongback/spine, but will do that later with the jigsaw.  One note ~ I could have probably used a little more glue (or try a different glue) as the edges came unglued a little during the cutting process.  I don’t think that it’s a big deal, but I will probably go around the edges later and re-glue them down.

Before Christmas I ordered some books from Amazon and have really found Nick Schade’s The Strip-Built Sea Kayak an excellent guide.  The guy definitely knows what he is talking about and is able to convey it in simple terms without talking down to you.  He starts right from the beginning and assumes that you know nothing.  I also have Kayakcraft by Ted Moores, but find myself reaching for Nick’s book.  Kayakcraft is also a good book, but I prefer the style of kayak built by Nick Schade.  There are actually plans in it for 3 different kayaks in the book, but a lot of the building process information is the same – great book!  I still have a lot of reading to do and will probably try to do some this afternoon as it is very windy and raining here.

On a personal note, Tai has been sick with a bad cough for the past few days so he’ll be in bed for the day.  He’s been taking Buckley’s cough syrup and after a couple of days, I think he really wants to feel better fast as that stuff is nasty!  I also took advantage of Lee Valley’s free shipping sale and ordered a few things for the shop.  I would have really liked to pick up a Bevel Up Smoothing Plane and a Low Angle Jack Plane, but I held out as my birthday is coming soon.  On Friday I went into town and exchanged the vise that I bought.  It was jumping when I was tightening it and they exchanged it without question or receipt.  I installed it yesterday morning and it works like a champ so far.  The funny thing is that it was the exact same model and when I went to put in the screws for the faceplates, the holes were in the same position for the screws, but they were off center by about 3/16th of an inch.  It’s not the best vise by any means, but to have the screw holes out by 3/16th of an inch on a big metal vise means that quality control isn’t a big deal to this Asian import.  I’ll leave the company name and origin out here as the vise seems to work fine now.

The power just flickered, but luckily wordpress autosaves as you go along so I didn’t lose anything ~ phew!!!

Now on to the pictures.


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