Posted by: denmanrandonneur | January 31, 2009

Ready to start stripping

I haven’t posted much lately as I haven’t had much to update.  The kids and I have been sick with a cold and Norie has been working, which means babysitting duties for yours truly.  Well, I finally got some work done on the kayak up in the workshop.

All the stations have been fitted and attached to the strongback/spine and I’m surprised how long it took to align and make sure they were all level in the right place.  It took me a couple of days to get it to the point that I was happy with it.  A few of the stations needed to be re-aligned once the others were in place and fine tuning was needed.  I made a mistake of putting the strongback right-side up instead of upside down from the beginning.  I aligned everything right-side up and had to turn it over because I want to strip the hull first, so I was a little concerned if it would line up correctly (I flipped it over early on the first day and had problems with getting everything level).  Anyways, when it came time to flip it over, luckily everything lined up and leveled out without a hitch (phew).

After I flipped it over, I put tuck tape on the edges of all the stations because I read somewhere that the glue doesn’t stick to it and is easier to take the strongback out after it has been stripped.  I’ll let you know how it works.  I probably could have started stripping it today, but I want to buy more clamps tomorrow so that I won’t run into any problems.  I have about 15 clamps now and plan to get another 20 or so, which hopefully will be enough to get me through.  I have 5 2″ clamps, 5 3″ clamps and and 5 4″ clamps.  I’m thinking that I probably can get away with 2″ clamps for the rest.  Fortunately the hardware store here on the island has the cheapest prices on clamps I have found so far, so I’ll be hitting them up tomorrow morning.  I have 1 pack of 1/2″ staples and will try them although the plans called for 9/16″ staples.  I was thinking about doing it stapleless, but figured that I will have enough to tackle with this being the first build, so I plan on trying going stapleless on the next build.

Kayaks aside, I am pleased with the Ashley Iles chisels that Norie got me for Christmas.  I lapped the backs and sharpened them up to 8000 grit using Sharpton waterstones.  After that I polished them with rouge (12,000 grit) and them came up like a mirror.  I used a couple of the chisels quite a bit on the the stations to give them a bit of play so that it would be easier to align them and the kept their edge well.  I sharpened them again today and they are razor sharp again.  It really is a pleasure using sharp tools!

I hope that I will be able to do quite a bit more this month and that the blog will be updated a bit more frequently than it has during January.  Here are some pictures to bring you up to date visually.


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