Posted by: denmanrandonneur | March 8, 2009

2 more strips and the deck is done ;-)

I’ve been pretty lame with updating the site, but at least I’m updating it tongiht ;-).  I have 2 more strips to finish tomorrow and then I’ll be done the stripping stage of the kayak.  I kind of screwed up with the strips that weave and hold the shape of the dark center part and should have ripped off the bead and had them flat so that it would be easier to slide the last piece in.  I did it with the rear section but the front one is going to give me trouble ~ hence it is the last piece.

I’ve found that having an extra set of hands really helps out.  Norie has helped me a lot by just being there sometimes and listening to me talk things out and trying to figure out the next step.  Once I have it stripped, I’m going to have to sit down and do some reading.  I know that I’m going to have to finish the ends and put a stem band on, cut out the cockpit, coaming, planing, filling, sanding and more sanding.  Just have to figure out what order I want to do it in.

There are a few blems, but nothing that I’m uncomfortable with, and considering this is my first kayak, I’m really happy so far at how good and straight it is.  I know my next one will be better as I have learned a lot and I can see my joints getting tighter and tighter as I progress.  I think the most important this is not to rush and don’t settle for good enough, even though I did a couple of times and figure that it will all work out in the filling and sanding stages.

Pics below


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