Posted by: denmanrandonneur | April 6, 2009

Fiberglassing Hull

After finally getting everything organized, I fiberglassed the hull today … well at least the sealer coat, wet out coat and 2 filler coats.  Next I’ll sand it down and then do a couple more filler coats.

It was a long day!  I got up to the shop around 6am and got the fire going and got it up to about 70 degrees F by 9:00am.  First we laid out the glass and cut it to fit.  After that we did a sealer coat on the hull and let it dry for about 5 hours (just past being tacky to the touch.  I then sanded it down roughly and hit a couple of places that were a bit gummy, so we sat around in the warm sun for a while and went back and sanded the area again when it dried a bit more.  Next we laid out the cloth and wetted it out.  It went fairly well I think, but the first side took longer that I thought it would.  The other side went a lot faster.  After we let it sit for a bit, we did a fill coat then had dinner around 9pm.  After dinner we did the last fill coat for the day and I just got in from the shop now.  I’m too tired to write anymore, but here are some pictures from today.


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