Posted by: denmanrandonneur | April 22, 2009

Busy busy busy …

I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks because I’ve been moving on quickly and I’ve got pictures to prove it.  I just looked at the pictures from the past 2 weeks and and was cool to see everything coming together to arrive at the inside deck being last to be fiberglassed tomorrow morning.  I’ll throw the pictures up now and go through the build …

Tonight I got the sealer coat on the inside deck and will glass it tomorrow morning.  It felt good going on this evening and really enjoyed the process.  Today was a great day as my neighbour, Scott, took me out ocean kayaking for the 1st time.  I’ve been in plenty of canoes, some whitewater rafting and a kayak a couple of times on a lake when I was younger, but this was the first time on the ocean.  I can’t believe the great kayaking I have in my backyard.  I’ve hiked the shoreline and been on the ferries and once went up Lambert Channel in a metal boat with a motor, but being in a kayak is definitely the way to go.  I saw a pod of 6 orca whales swimming down the channel on my first time out.  When we crossed the channel in the early afternoon, there was a breeze and a little chop that was fun to go through.  We stopped at Heron Rocks on the southwest corner of Hornby Island and checked out the beach and had lunch.  The way back we hardly paddled at all as the current took us across and down towards our landing point.  This is when we saw the 6 whales.  The ferry was going to Denman from Hornby and stopped as the pod passed.  I’ve only seen whales once in the last 3 years, so it was definitely something special.  Being in the cockpit made you feel alive.  I’m going to sign up for 3 classes put on by Comox Valley Kayaks and get my Flat water certificate.  The first pool session is next Tuesday and then May 5th and 14th on Comox Lake.  This is going to be a fun summer as I’m hoping to get out a few times a week at the least- even if it’s just down to Fillongley Park.

Captions on the the first few pictures isn’t working and editing doesn’t seem agreeable through the blog … hmmmm


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