Posted by: denmanrandonneur | May 12, 2009

I have a KAYAK!

A lot has happened since I last posted and I’ll try to bring you up to date.  Last week I got the hatches done and on Sunday morning I got to bonding the hull and deck together.  But before I get to that, I have to tell you about Saturday.  Tai and I went down to Paddlefest in Ladysmith and had a great time spending the day together.  Tai will probably say the best part was kayaking for the 1st time.  We got there around 9am and it was just getting started.  We walked around the different booths then headed for some breakfast at Tim Horton’s.  After returning we signed Tai up for a lesson and got him set up.  He had such a blast getting out on the water in a kayak for the 1st time.  When he got back and out of the kayak, he came running up and said “This is the best day ever, Daddy”.  Yeah, it was pretty good!

I was looking for a paddle and a spray skirt and was checking prices around at the different booths, but nothing came close to the prices at Comox Valley Kayaks.  I was in there on Thursday and they had Werner paddles at 20~30% off on 2008 models.  After leaving Paddlefest with a bunch of brochures, we headed up to Courtenay.  I had to pick up some resin and hardener and stopped by CVK and they had 2009 Werner Paddles on sale now as well.  They had a 2009 220cm Cyprus on sale, so I bit the bullet and pulled the trigger.

On Sunday morning I got the inside seam fiberglassed and as we were finished up the 1st side, our neighbour came over and asked Norie and I if we wanted to go kayaking.  He had arranged to get a double for us and we headed out.  The paddle over to Toby Island, off the southwest corner of Hornby Island, was pretty good and Norie and I were getting our groove back.  We’ve done a lot of paddling together in a canoe, but it was the 1st time in a double kayak.  By the time we got to Toby Island, we were pretty much in synch.  We had a bite to eat and we were watching a storm come from the Bowser area.  When we left the rain and wind were starting to pick up and within 10 minutes it was coming down pretty good with wind and choppy conditions.  We had to head down the west side of Hornby Island then cross the Lambert Channel.  We got to about Ford’s Cove and waited up for Scott and Diane, then all crossed together.  About half way across, the wind an rain stopped and the water calmed down, so we could enjoy a leisurely paddle to our put in spot.  I honestly haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time.  When I went back bed I didn’t have a care in the world (sounds kinda flaky, but it’s true).  When I’m out on the water, it just feels so good.

On Sunday evening we got the inside seam done on the other side.  I let it dry over night worked on the outside seam area on Monday (sanding and filling).  Last night I got the wetout coat and 1st fill coat on.  This morning I sanded down the edges of the glass tape, went down to the hardware store to pick up some supplies and got a few more fill coats on this evening.  Tomorrow I’ll get down to some serious sanding and maybe try to fit the foot braces.

It’s later than I want it to be and I have to wake up early tomorrow morning, so I’ll sign off here.  I’ll post more pictures soon.


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