Posted by: denmanrandonneur | November 9, 2009

Boxes go together…

Here are the pics, commentary to follow …

Last week didn’t exactly go as hoped.  On Wednesday I split a cord of wood, loaded and unloaded 2 truck loads and stacked half a cord at my place that evening.  Throw in driving the bus in the morning and afternoon.  I woke up Thursday with a stiff leg and hurt if I twisted it sideways.  I could still walking on it, but it was gingerly. I woke up Friday and could hardly put any weight on it.  Norie had to help me out of the bus Friday evening.  Trip to the Emergency room at St. Joe’s hospital in Comox Saturday morning.  I guess it’s pretty common with runners and I basically strained my ilotibeal band down at the outside of the left knee.  Yeah, I’m getting old.  Ibuprofien, cold patches and hit the couch for the day.

I woke up Sunday feeling a bit better and could put weight on it again.  Through the day I was feeling like I was on the mend rather than it getting worse.  The shop was warm by 10 and we started on tracing out pieces from a template and cutting on the bandsaw.  Quite a few pieces with some nice curves and patterns.  After lunch we got the hooks screwed in and got the kayak harness rack thingy set up.  Hanging the boat in it at waist level is great for cleaning it and then just raise it when you’re ready.  The straps are still too long, so I need to cut them and put a couple of pieces of plywood to act as a shelf to hold the length.  This allowed me to get the stands into the shop, get the canoe off the ground and free up some floor space.

Before dinner we were able to get 2 out of the 3 boxes together.  These 2 went together fairly easily.

This evening I put together the 3rd box and had a camera handy.  I had to use clamps on the last one to keep everything tidy and tight.  I also attached a couple of screw plates to each of the kicks and will attach them to the boxes tomorrow.  Then it will be the final prep and sanding before finishing.  I was originally thinking of spraying the inside before putting it together, but as I went along it felt more natural for it to be sprayed when it’s finished.  I think it will come out much cleaner this way.  Once that is done, I’ll start cutting wood for the 9 drawers.  Lot’s of edge banding but after putting together the first one, everything will start falling into place easily.

I’ll try to update again before the weekend.



  1. Looks like a beautiful boat. Would you mind posting some photos and information in our canoeing forum.

    Adventure Canoe Forum


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