Posted by: denmanrandonneur | November 17, 2009

Busy, busy, busy …

I’ll throw some pictures at ya and go from there.

This past weekend I did an Auto Extrication Course at the Arrington Fire Department and had an amazing time.  Friday night was new car technology and how it affects us as rescuers at an accident.  Really interesting things coming our way soon.  Saturday and Sunday was all hands on tool work … spreaders, cutters, air chisels, hand tools, cribs, stabilization, come-alongs … Sunday afternoon was cold, rainy and a lot of fun doing real simulations.  We had 16 cars to smash and chop up.  What a blast!  Looking forward to this weeks fire department meeting.

This weekend was wet and windy.  We got back on the 6pm ferry from the course Saturday night and had to be at the Community Hall for the Denman Talent Show.  I was surprised that there were probably at least a couple hundred people there considering the weather.  Tai did really well and had  a “awesome” time.  We got some pictures of him playing and Norie took a short video of him playing backup for Kevin.  I guess I’ll have to create an account over at and post it there and then link it as it doesn’t seem to be able to post directly from my computer with this platform ???

The weather has been really wet and windy the past week and yesterday they declared a state of emergency in Courtenay due to flooding.  They closed the schools early as well as most of the bridges were flooded out and it took a long time to get the kids home.  No real flooding on Denman but the ditches were flowing and the creek in Fillongley Park was moving a lot of water.

A friend I’ve been trying to track down for quite a while got ahold of me on Facebook.  We went to the same Japanese language class in Toronto that the JET Programme put on for us before we went to Japan.  We were in the same prefecture and lost contact after she came back to Canada.  Turns out she’s married and in Kamloops … not that far away.  Also heard another rumor that another friend from Japan might be coming up to visit from Oregon this Christmas… keeping my fingers crossed.


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