Posted by: denmanrandonneur | November 30, 2009

Fire trucks and drawers

Here a visual rundown …

What the pictures don’t show is the Fire Department that I spent saturday at.  We had 5 exams for our “Basic Firefighter Level” that is recognized by the Justice Institute of BC.  We’ve been working on the practical end of it for the past 6 months or so, and now we just had the exams.  To be honest, I only read one or two chapters, but with the reviews and experience, most of it came pretty quickly.  On each test there were a few questions that I had to guess on, but for the most part I knew it.  Next weekend is our Christmas Party, and then start winding down for the year.  We learnt a lot this year and the practices were fun.

The dresser is coming along nicely and I’m working on the drawers.  I have 5 more to put together, but there is a piece that I’m not really happy with the cut, and might recut a new piece.  I found some nice sliders for it,43614,43616&p=50508 that I recommending.  I hope to order them tomorrow and go into town this weekend and pick up birch and alder for the top.  For the rest of the week I’ll driving the school bus, working in the shop and hoping I’ll be in a nice place with the dresser on Friday.  I’ll see if I can update this again before the weekend … I’ll see is the key word 😉


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