Posted by: denmanrandonneur | December 9, 2009

The past week on Denman Island

Photos …

I’ve been having trouble tonight with putting text under the photos … breath and relax …

I’ve been steadily working on the dresser and have got all the drawers put together and nail holes filled.  I’m about halfway through breaking the edges … Tomorrow I’ll be taking the birch and alder planks over to a friend’s place and run them through his jointer.  I’d love to get a jointer and is probably the last big tool I’ll buy.  I’m pretty happy with the way the shop is coming along and have gotten into a good rhythm during this build.  It’s been cold (-6C) and it’s nice and toasty in the shop working in the evenings.  What a difference from last winter!

On the weekend I did a quick run into town and was back on the 10am ferry.  The quicker I’m out of town, the better.  In the afternoon I went down to the Christmas Faire and picked up a few Christmas goodies.  Tai was at the kid’s table and sold one of his sock monkey for $15 and a few christmas cookies.  I think he had a blast hanging out with his friends while ‘taking care of business’.  Good for him.  Next year he wants to play music outside.  It was nice to watch the kids play christmas music and it added an ‘old tyme’ feel to the fair.  You have to sign up and they give you a time slot to play and one grade 4 kid made $35 playing guitar.

This coming weekend is the Fire Department Christmas Party and should be a good time.  I’ll also plug away on the dresser and hopefully get over the Rollande & Albert’s if the weather cooperates.


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