Posted by: denmanrandonneur | July 29, 2010

Going on a kayak camping trip today!

Long long time since I last posted.  Well, I’ve been busy with life and got out of the habit of posting.  Getting back on focus with the shop and picked up a nice wooden double kayak from a guy on the fire department this past saturday at a “ridiculously low price”.  We’ve had it out a couple of times this week and am embarking on a 2 night camping trip with Tai.  We’re going to leave from the Hornby ferry, paddle around the lighthouse and over to Deep Bay for lunch, then head up to the top of Denman and camp on Tree Island.  Norie said I could have 2 days off from the park so we are thinking of paddling over to Courtenay and Comox on Friday, then return to Tree Island for the night.

I’ll be sure to post pictures and a trip report when we get back.  To rub it in, the weather here is perfect for kayaking 😉


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