Posted by: denmanrandonneur | May 25, 2011

MSR Hubba Hubba Tent Review

I recently picked up a MSR Hubba Hubba Tent from Robinson’s Outdoor Store in Victoria, BC and thought I’d write a review, and hopefully help someone make a decision if they are in the market for a 2 person tent.  I read a lot of reviews over at and this tent gets a lot of praise.  I also see a lot of tents come through Fillongley Prov. Park and get a good peak at the ones that catch my eye and talk to the people and see how they like them.  I paid $289.00 (Canadian), which is the same price as MEC has it listed for.  Unfortunately, the “Footprint” isn’t included and is an additional $34 accessory that I feel should be included in the price and package.  Another option that I picked up is the “Gear Loft” for $3.50 from MEC which connects to 4 loops at the top of the tent creating a hammock to store things while you are sleeping.  I didn’t mind paying the $3.50 for this add on, but $34 for the footprint is pretty steep for something that should be included ~ or else make a floor that is more durable.

On with the review.  The tent comes in at just 4 pounds and can be packaged quite small if you put the poles in the side pocket of your backpack.  Setting up the tent is easy and can be done fairly quickly.  I’m comparing this to my 25 year old North Face Bullfrog that still works fine.  The Bullfrog is probably a little heavier (I can’t remember how much it weighs), but is simple and easy to set up by yourself.  The Hubba Hubba takes a little longer as you have to put the footprint down first, an added step that the Bullfrog doesn’t require.  The Bullfrog has 3 poles, whereas the Hubba Hubba poles are all connected together and the tent either clips on to the poles or is fitted through grommets on the 4 corners and 2 on the top. A few of things things that I really like is that there are 2 doors, one on each side so you don’t have to crawl over someone to get out if you are on the “wrong” side.  There are also pockets at each end so if you sleep head to foot, each person has a pocket near their head to put things that are within easy reach.  There is a lot of screened area so if you don’t need to put on the fly, you really feel like you’re sleeping outside.  With the fly on, there is a vestibule (not very large compared to the Bullfrog, but the Bullfrogonly has one) by each door to keep your things dry and out of the elements.  It comes with 6 pegs to hold down the fly and corners.  When I was taking it down, there was a bit of breeze that rolled the tent when there was nothing inside.  It’s a light tent!

This is definitely a tight 2 man tent, or a generous solo tent.  With 2 thermarests laid down inside it (1 regular size and 1 large size), the floorspace was pretty much covered from end to end and side to side.  This means that your backpack and gear will have to stay outside the tent under the vestibule, which is tight and blocks your way at getting out. If you like to bring your gear inside the tent with you, you might want to consider a bigger tent ~ the Mutha Hubba from MSR is the next size up and only weighs a couple of pounds more.  The other option is picking up a Gear Shed, also made by MSR, that adds on a nice roomy vestibule.  It’s only 1lb, 12 oz and adds 26.5 sq. ft / 2.46 sq. m.  I’m thinking that this might be the ticket to get my gear out of the elements and within easy reach while in the tent.

This tent is definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for a 2 person, 3 season tent.  It looks and feels like it will stand up to a lot, while still not adding that much weight to your backpack.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of it while I had it set up, but will add some the next time I use it.  In the meantime, here is a picture of the Hubba Hubba tent and Gear Shed taken from the MSR site.

I will also add to this review after I use it while camping and not just in the backyard.



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