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Tai playing mandolin at the Open Mic on Denman Island – August 18th

Tai playing mandolin

on youtube

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Bicycle Pictures

I need to host some pictures that I will be posting on a cycling forum, so I thought I might as well post them here.  I got the red bike (Monshee Mark IV – De-Luxe) on Thursday for free at a bike store where the previous owner brought it in earlier in the morning,  It’s old and needs work, but it’s a nice lugged frame with good fenders.  Definitely old school.  I’m going to strip it down and convert it to a single speed over the winter.  I think Ill keep the original paint as it’s still in pretty good shape and it has that retro look.  I’m thinking that it’s from the 60’s, but can’t find any info on the internet.  Tried google, and a couple of bike forums, but have found nothing.  I’m going to post the pictures on Bike Forum and see if I can gather some info on the bike.  I’m looking forward to the build.

We built up the CCM Elan this summer.  Norie got it at the Free Store here on Denman Island late in the spring.  It must be 40 years old or so and still runs great.  We changed the handle bars (now on Norie’s road bike), grips, 1 cable, put a Brooks B-67s saddle on it that Norie got for her birthday, and a custom saddle bag that Norie made.  It’s a great island bike for riding with the kids in the evening.

I got Norie’s Cramerotti a few years ago for $150.  I changed the tires, seat and handlebars, water bottle cage and will be putting on matching orange bar tape on it next week.  Norie loves riding this bike.

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Kayak camping trip pictures

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Going on a kayak camping trip today!

Long long time since I last posted.  Well, I’ve been busy with life and got out of the habit of posting.  Getting back on focus with the shop and picked up a nice wooden double kayak from a guy on the fire department this past saturday at a “ridiculously low price”.  We’ve had it out a couple of times this week and am embarking on a 2 night camping trip with Tai.  We’re going to leave from the Hornby ferry, paddle around the lighthouse and over to Deep Bay for lunch, then head up to the top of Denman and camp on Tree Island.  Norie said I could have 2 days off from the park so we are thinking of paddling over to Courtenay and Comox on Friday, then return to Tree Island for the night.

I’ll be sure to post pictures and a trip report when we get back.  To rub it in, the weather here is perfect for kayaking 😉

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More self reliance in 2010 is the mantra …

The rain and wind were out the last night of the year and are still partying well into the morning.  Thinking back over the past few days a lot of good things have happened this year (2009).  The pace was comfortable with a few hectic moments scattered here and there to keep things interesting.  At this time last year I was beginning to rip the strips for the kayak, and now I’ve built it and have had it out on the water a good 25 times, with a 3 day trip to Cortes Island.  Tai played his first “concert” on the mandolin and is now in grade 2.  Along with everything that life throws at a mother, Norie keeps on keeping on.  Ekou started pre-school this year and I’ve had a lot of good times with him hanging out, hiking, “working” in the shop and a few trips into town.  2009 was a good year for the McGillivray’s and hope that 2010 is as bright.

Billy, Hiromi and their son, Nico, came up from Oregon to spend Christmas with us.  Great friends that I met in Japan and continues to this day.  They were here about 2.5 years ago (before Niko), and it felt like we saw each other last week.  Good things are happening in their life and are hoping to move up here in the future.  Thanks guys for coming, you are always welcome here!

Here are the pictures since I last posted some.  Lots of ground covered as it was a busy month here on Denman Island.

Looking through the pictures, I noticed we did a lot of eating the holiday season.  Can’t get enough of those homemade desserts!

I’ve been listening to Bap Kennedy and Tony Rice’s “Church Street Blues” the last few days and can’t get enough.  Check them out if you want to hear some good acoustic music. 2 great movies I’ve seen recently are Avatar and Julie and Julia.  We saw Avatar in the theatre a couple of days ago and it was a visual treat to see on the big screen.  We watched Julie and Julia last night and laughed our asses off.  It’s going to be a classic for sure, and it doesn’t hurt that Norie is also a cooking freak.  Well worth the watch if you like food and cooking.

So what’s in store for 2010 . . . ?

Canoe. I’m hoping to be able to start it around the end of January/beginning of February.  Really looking forward to this and it will be a lot of work and time spent in the shop.

First Responder Course. I’ll be taking the First Responder Course through the fire department around the beginning of February.

Snow to Surf Race. I’ll be doing the mountain bike leg again this year with a new team of younger guys on Denman Island.  The race is in April and is a good motivator for me to get out and ride.

Guitar and mandolin. I hope to learn a few more tunes on both instruments this year and try to play everyday.

More self reliant. This year I want to become more self reliant and plant a bigger garden than last year.  With just finishing touches left on the shop (other than putting up the wood for the inside ceiling), I hope to be able to spend more time in the garden this year.  We turned off the TV at the beginning of the school year in September, and without the TV on, there is time for so many other things to do.  I also want to start riding my bike more around the island for chores, cutting down on my driving time and impact.  More time for self reflection.

Get out on the water. Going to try and learn how to roll this summer and explore more of this area.  I want to get over to Deep Bay, across from Repulse point (where Albert and Rollande live) and find a hamburger stand at the marina that I keep hearing about.  With the canoe, I’m thinking of fishing on Chickadee Lake.  I’d also like to take another kayaking course this spring that will work towards my guide license some day.  Who knows, I might even finish the greenland style kayak paddle that I started and look into building a couple of canoe paddles.

That should keep me busy for a while …

All the best in the new year, and decade, and drop me a line or link to where I can hear what’s happening in your life.

Love John, Norie, Tai & Ekou

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Interesting link from CBC today

Queen Charlotte Islands renamed Haida Gwaii in historic deal

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The past week on Denman Island

Photos …

I’ve been having trouble tonight with putting text under the photos … breath and relax …

I’ve been steadily working on the dresser and have got all the drawers put together and nail holes filled.  I’m about halfway through breaking the edges … Tomorrow I’ll be taking the birch and alder planks over to a friend’s place and run them through his jointer.  I’d love to get a jointer and is probably the last big tool I’ll buy.  I’m pretty happy with the way the shop is coming along and have gotten into a good rhythm during this build.  It’s been cold (-6C) and it’s nice and toasty in the shop working in the evenings.  What a difference from last winter!

On the weekend I did a quick run into town and was back on the 10am ferry.  The quicker I’m out of town, the better.  In the afternoon I went down to the Christmas Faire and picked up a few Christmas goodies.  Tai was at the kid’s table and sold one of his sock monkey for $15 and a few christmas cookies.  I think he had a blast hanging out with his friends while ‘taking care of business’.  Good for him.  Next year he wants to play music outside.  It was nice to watch the kids play christmas music and it added an ‘old tyme’ feel to the fair.  You have to sign up and they give you a time slot to play and one grade 4 kid made $35 playing guitar.

This coming weekend is the Fire Department Christmas Party and should be a good time.  I’ll also plug away on the dresser and hopefully get over the Rollande & Albert’s if the weather cooperates.

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Alaska to Seattle movie

Paddle to Seattle … check out the trailer and I’ll be ordering this DVD when it comes out!

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Fire trucks and drawers

Here a visual rundown …

What the pictures don’t show is the Fire Department that I spent saturday at.  We had 5 exams for our “Basic Firefighter Level” that is recognized by the Justice Institute of BC.  We’ve been working on the practical end of it for the past 6 months or so, and now we just had the exams.  To be honest, I only read one or two chapters, but with the reviews and experience, most of it came pretty quickly.  On each test there were a few questions that I had to guess on, but for the most part I knew it.  Next weekend is our Christmas Party, and then start winding down for the year.  We learnt a lot this year and the practices were fun.

The dresser is coming along nicely and I’m working on the drawers.  I have 5 more to put together, but there is a piece that I’m not really happy with the cut, and might recut a new piece.  I found some nice sliders for it,43614,43616&p=50508 that I recommending.  I hope to order them tomorrow and go into town this weekend and pick up birch and alder for the top.  For the rest of the week I’ll driving the school bus, working in the shop and hoping I’ll be in a nice place with the dresser on Friday.  I’ll see if I can update this again before the weekend … I’ll see is the key word 😉

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Weekend doings …

A lot has happened since I last posted, so I’ll show the pictures with details to follow …

The pictures pretty much tell the tale, but I want to say that I am happy with the way the dresser is coming along.  I cut the pieces for the drawers on Saturday and got the sides edge sanded and banded.  Still lots to do, but it feels good to be working on the drawers now.

Dad was putting on the second coat of spar varnish this afternoon and will have it wrapped up this week.  He put a lot of time into this project and he did a good job.  I’m proud of him.

Yesterday was the first day in about 10 days that it hasn’t rained.  I took the opportunity and did some log splitting in the afternoon and brought home half a cord of nice cedar and balsa fir.  Norie, the kids and I got it stacked just as the rain started and it hasn’t stopped yet.  It looks like we’re in for another wet week, so that means shop time 😉

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